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Youth Development Model Manukau

What would be happening in a community and for young people if positive youth development practices were adopted and used in an intentional and consistent way? This was the question our youth work team wrestled with when they were asked to produce a model for youth development by Counties Manukau District Health Board in 2005.

The result is a user-friendly, dynamic and strengths-based plan of strategies and actions that are based on the Manukau community but can be adapted for use in any community wanting to support young people to develop and reach their potential so they can fully participate in the world around them.

Youthline’s vision is to create communities which relate to the needs of young people, respond to them, and support them to achieve their potential. The Model is a map towards that vision.

How was it developed?

• By a team of young people with many years of hands-on experience in working with young people in schools and the community.
• Drawing on current literature about youth development strategies and best practice, youth health data and demographic material.
• Including a survey of young people, and community consultation.
• Backed up by clinical review, and by Youthline’s 45+ years of youth development experience

The Design of the Model

The Model


Who is it for?

• Teachers and school health service providers
• Youth workers and youth organisations
• Health professionals
• Community development workers and event organisers
• Community groups and organisations
• Anyone interested in creating youth-friendly communities

Use it
• To review your current practice or project
• To advocate for a youth-friendly community
• To ensure young people are included in new projects and in planning processes
• To build relationships within the community that hold young people
• To ensure robust development pathways are available for young people

Implementation of the Model:

A crucial part of the implementation of the model is working collaboratively with health and community agencies to ensure that their youth development practices are promoted and alive in the model. We acknowledge the many diverse values and beliefs, both cultural and spiritual, held by people within Manukau city. We offer this model as a starting point for the practice of positive youth development in Manukau. We have attempted not to exclude or marginalize any group of people and have tried to write a model that is inclusive of all young people in Manukau. This model was created to be utilized by those who work with young people and we expect that anybody in this role will honour the young people’s beliefs and values when delivering the actions in
this model.
Supporting Documents
A Benchmark for Manukau City